Can you see me now???

One of the tasks on the Icelandic Northern Challenge exercise was to make some pictures during a night operation. Easy enough I thought as a gathered a Nikon D800 and a couple of fast 2.8F […]

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Iceland in the morning

Early morning shot of an EOD search team looking for explosives on Icelands Northern Challenge EOD exercise. Bomb technicians spread out over the landscape at intervals so that if something should happen, the next individual […]

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Deep Divex 2011 – Halifax NOVA SCOTIA

One of the assignments I do is the documentary photography for the NATO Special Forces (Deep Diving Mine Counter Measures group.) These are some of the photos of from a 2 week exercise – this […]

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Getting the shot…. Lake Erie Gas Support Diving

Getting a shot for a magazine does have its challenges. This is a small “how we did it” shot of divers working for Dundee Energy offshore in Lake Erie. My life-long career in the commercial […]

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