Images of MCM – A Free 2013 Screensaver of MCM and EOD Photography

2013 Screensaver

Every year I do a screensaver (for windows) of selected images I have taken on past assignments for the MCM (Mine Counter Measures) and EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Teams that I have had the honour of shooting during the past year. Normally I spend a couple of weeks with these folks in sometimes miserable places – and then some pretty exotic ones too – hanging out  with them to document what they do – namely,  dealing with hidden things that blow up! From the ice cold waters in the fiords of Norway to the hot and humid waters in the tropics, and in nasty places in between, they ply their trade tirelessly.

The screensaver (and printable) calendar contains images shot during the past MCM / EOD excercises I have been assigned to. It is free – so download and pass around to your hearts content – I hope the images show – as I have witnessed – that the job these men and women portray some of the most dedicated and bravest individuals I have ever met in the service of their various countries. They face the danger of clearing explosives every day in far off places. My hat goes off to them  – Well done!!  (direct link to the screensaver and calendars are at )


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